Friday, November 15, 2013

Catching an Oldie at Cinema Under The Stars

Some of you might have seen many tourist destinations already. But one you shouldn't miss out on is a chance to experience a Cinema Under the Stars. Do ask your charter bus driver to take you there for a full-on experience on a nostalgic way of watching a movie. 
"Some of would imagine the place to be a large grassy lawn-style of cinema or a drive-in or drive-through type of, we will tell you that they have none of that. They are located right smack in the middle of Mission Hills, comes with smooth cushy seats (they are limited so, be sure to book yours ahead of time) so that you can sit in a reclined way and watch the movie.
Being a ‘cinema’ of sorts, there are concession stands around the place and they sell the movie treats at a great, reasonable pricing. And besides, most of the people come here to catch a movie after they are done with Lefty’s, which is located right next door, so, there will hardly be a need to food and snacks."
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Catching an Oldie at Cinema Under The Stars

You don’t get many places like these anymore, especially not in a major tourist destination like San Diego. Back then, you could easily find an outdoor theatre anywhere around San Diego without stressing yourself out, but that is what makes Cinema Under the Stars really classic and unique. Some fans , instead of paying for each visit, pay a one-off membership fee so that they can come unlimited number of times...yes, that is how comfy and casual the place is. It is the kind of place where you can come hang out with your family and friends with San Diego charter bus over the weekend...outdoors and having fun, instead of crowding into one of your homes. It is where you come for your first date so that you can catch a classic, old movie with your date and it is also the kind of place you would love to bring your parents to, over and over again.
Some of would imagine the place to be a large grassy lawn-style of cinema or a drive-in or drive-through type of, we will tell you that they have none of that. They are located right smack in the middle of Mission Hills, comes with smooth cushy seats (they are limited so, be sure to book yours ahead of time) so that you can sit in a reclined way and watch the movie.
Being a ‘cinema’ of sorts, there are concession stands around the place and they sell the movie treats at a great, reasonable pricing. And besides, most of the people come here to catch a movie after they are done with Lefty’s, which is located right next door, so, there will hardly be a need to food and snacks.
Being a member of Cinema Under the Stars also mean that you get to take your pick from the single or double zero gravity recliner seats, unlike the experience of a non-member. Other types of seatings available are the usual loveseat cabana type of the deck chair....and maybe your preference would be to pick an ottoman at the cafe; whatever floats your boat and whichever is available at the time, we think. As a member of Cinema under The Stars would also mean that you are given priority over seat bookings too...which is great if you are a regular movie-goer.
However, for foreign visitors and charter bus San Diego visitors who are only here for a short period of time, we reckon you would not need the membership but do head over to their website and book the seats online. While they charge a small booking fee when you reserve them through the internet, it is highly recommend and simply more convenient.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sea World San Diego

Some people think that just because you have been to one sea world or aqua world, you have seen them all. Actually, this is not true, because different sea worlds or aqua worlds in different places are, well, different. And going to sea worlds for family trips is simply a fantastic idea and the kids will love you for it! Having said that, how about planning a trip to Sea World San Diego with your kids in a rented bus?

Chartering a San Diego bus to the Sea World makes the trip a lot more fun for the whole family because you don’t have to worry about your car being parked illegally (in the event you can’t find a parking spot nearby when you get there) or worse, your car being broken into or stolen. With the service of a professional charter bus, you can have fun without any worries at all. Upon arriving Sea World San Diego, you and the whole family can literally jump off the charter bus and head straight to the entrance of the Sea World.

We would say that Sea World San Diego is a combination of a zoo, an amusement park and an aquarium – all rolled into one. Tickets into the Sea World includes shows, exhibits, aquariums and the rides that are available that day; while food, dining, merchandise, behind-the-scenes guided tours as well as animal interactions are not part of the admission and should you or your family member be interested in any of it, you will need to pay for them separately. San Diego charter bus visitors are always informed in advance that they are not allowed to bring in any food (water bottles are allowed though) into Sea World, as the place has restaurants and concession stands available conveniently throughout the whole park – however, if you prefer to eat outside of the park, you can do so, but do remember to have your hand stamped for re-admittance. If you want to be able to participate in feeding the animals, be sure to check out their feeding times when you arrive so that you can give yourself time to get a good spot right at the water’s edge.

Don’t forget to bring along with you a spare change of clothes for your kids – never leave them in the charter bus, unless you know that the bus driver will wait for you while you are having a splashing fun time inside Sea World. When you are in a park that has literally water everywhere, you can’t really tell what may happen, especially when you get to the Soak zone at Shamu stadium!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Botanical Building and Lily Pond, San Diego

If you are looking for some leisure activity that will not burn a hole through your pockets, why not plan a trip to the Botanical Building and Lily Pond at the Balboa Park, San Diego on a chartered San Diego bus with some of your friends this weekend? Admission into the Botanical Building and Lily Pond is free. Yes, you read it correctly – it’s FREE. And on top of that, you will get to enjoy over 1,200 types of tropical flowers and plants too.
Whether or not you or your friends are shutterbugs, we would strongly suggest that you bring along a camera with you on this trip to the Botanical Building and Lily Pond. As soon as you arrive on the grounds of this place in your San Diego rental bus, you will understand why you need to bring your camera with you. Even before you enter into the building, there are already so many beautiful and amazing flowers and plants that are planted outside the building. Oh, did we also mention that the surrounding buildings’ architecture is just as magnificent too? Imagine, even before you enter into the Botanical Building and Lily Pond, you and your friends are probably posing and taking photos outside already – and that is just the beginning of your trip to this place!
As you and your friends walk to the entrance of the building, you will notice a little signage that tells you the opening hours of the Botanical Building and Lily Pond, which is from Fridays to Wednesdays, from 10 in the morning till 4 in the evening. They are closed on Thursdays and public holidays. San Diego rented bus passengers usually prefer to visit in the morning so that they can have more time instead of having to rush through their visit. As you walk into the building, you would feel as though you have just walked into a beautiful and serene forest – the ambience is almost magical, if we may add. While you may also notice that the building is not very big, but like the saying goes, good things come in small packages, and it is true for the Botanical Building and Lily Pond. Even though the building is considerably small compared to some other gardens, it sure has a lot more types and varieties of plants and flowers all packed in this little building. Ferns, orchids, water lilies, palms and other tropical plants are what you can expect to see and isn’t this just a great way to spend the day with your friends?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sit back, relax and cheers!

All work and no play makes you a dull person, sometimes even a boring person. If playing is not exactly your cup of tea, then how about a trip to the nation’s number 1 craft beer destination and have beer tasting sessions with your friends?
With over 40 craft breweries in San Diego, the locals there literally take their beer seriously - well, in a laidback sort of way, that is. San Diego has been recently named as the “Top Beer Town” and with such a recognition like that, where else would you want to go for some good beer if not to this wonderful craft breweries destination? If that is not convincing enough, New York Times has quoted San Diego to be a “sunny heaven for suds lovers” while San Diego brews have also received international recognition, earning more medals at the 2010 World Beer Cup than those from England, Germany and Belgium combined - countries touted to be the traditional beer countries!
If you can get a local guide to take you around on a private San Diego charter bus tour to some of the best brewpubs throughout the county, it would be great. This is because the locals would know exactly where the good stuffs are and because they have the connections, you can be assured of getting excellent quality beers at great prices. They have many beer tours available that you can choose from and pick one that is most suitable to your pocket and time.
However, if you are feeling a little bit adventurous and prefer to go pub hopping on your own with your friends, this is not such a bad idea too. Going on your own means you do not have to rush, nor do you have to watch the clock because you and your friends will decide when to leave and where to go.
Pubs in San Diego are not the only place in town that you can get to try out the different beers - you can find beers literally in all of their local bars, clubs and restaurants - many thanks to innovators like Karl Strauss and Stone Brewing Co. who have helped make the way for San Diego’s ever increasing craft brew scene. It would be quite impossible to NOT find beer in San Diego!
Remember, while it is fun to be drinking with your group of friends, it is never safe to drive after drinking, so in order to be sure that everyone gets home safe and sound after a beer romp of such, it would be a wise idea to always charter or rent a bus to take everyone home.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beach time in San Diego

San Diego has many diverse activities for charter bus visitors suc as SeaWorld, the world-famous San Diego Zoo, over two dozen museums, and Legoland, which all call San Diego home. There are also ample shopping and sightseeing opportunities to be found. But San Diego is most well known for its beaches, with miles and miles of sandy beaches awaiting the visitor who arrives in a bus, charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus chartered from Bus Company San Diego.
Pacific Beach is part of a group of beaches known as “The Strand,” and is one of the most popular beaches in San Diego. Crystal Pier, a great spot for charter bus visitors to go fishing, watching people and viewing ocean life, separates Pacific Beach from North Pacific Beach. There are different areas for swimming and surfing, however, it is not a good location for scuba diving. Lifeguards are on duty every day, and there are public restrooms and showers available. This popular beach, and its three-mile boardwalk, boasts over 25 restaurants and 20 bars, in addition to several shops and spas. Pacific Beach tends to draw a younger crowd, and is extremely popular with San Diego charter bus visitors enjoying spring break.
No charter bus trip to San Diego would be complete without a visit to La Jolla Shores and La Jolla Cove, which occupy part of the 7-mile coastline in La Jolla, 12 miles north of downtown San Diego. The smaller waves at this quiet beach area make it a perfect location for scuba diving lessons. The beachfront boat launch at La Jolla Shores is the only one within city limits. The small beach at La Jolla Cove is bordered by cliffs and is one of the most photographed beaches in California. Charter bus visitors to the cove enjoy great water visibility, which makes snorkeling and scuba diving a favorite activity. There are great tide pools, which gives rental bus visitors an up-close look at aquatic life. Hermit crabs, starfish, small fish and even a small octopus have been spotted in the tide pools. There are also many seals and sea lions in the area. Within a short walk of the ocean, picturesque shopping and restaurants abound in La Jolla.
Be sure to take your charter bus over to Mission Beach, located in the middle of “The Strand." This two-mile stretch of beach is popular with locals as well as charter bus visitors, and can get rather crowded in the summer. Swimming and surfing are at the top of the list of activities available here, but bicycling, playing volleyball, and in-line skating are great options as well. Diving is a popular activity here, because of many shipwrecks to explore. Adjacent Belmont Park offers free parking, moderately priced restaurants, shopping, carnival games, a roller coaster and rides for smaller children. Lifeguards are on duty year-round, and there are restrooms and showers available. Check out nearby Mission Bay, which offers kayaking and windsurfing.
For a great time at one of San Diego’s many beautiful beaches, give Bus Company San Diego a call and let them help you plan your charter bus trip to San Diego with a selection from their fleet of charter buses and friendly, personalized service.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Discover the hidden tune of San Diego

San Diego is a busy town, There’s so much to do and see. But did you know that there is a public artwork that hides in plain sight? The best thing about it is you might actually experience it before you see it. Head into San Diego by bus or limo with Bus Rental San Diego and keep your eyes, or rather, your ears peeled.
Public works of art usually generate a polarizing effect. People either love it, hate it, or are indifferent to it. In San Diego, you’ll find a rather clever piece of art on the 25th Street Bridge spanning the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway (State Route 94) linking the neighborhoods of Golden Hill to the north and Sherman Heights to the south.
For those of you who have used the bridge countless times but have never seen it, the artwork isn't so much the bridge itself as it is the railing separating the sidewalk from the traffic on the west side of the bridge. Built into the bridge by artist Roman de Salvo is a "song rail" - a carillon, (a series of chromatic bells that plays a tune when struck in sequence). This functional but also beautiful work of art - a melding of safety and music in a most unique way - and it serves as a symbolic gesture of bridging the two neighborhoods of Golden Hill and Sherman Heights.
The song rail's tune is called the "Crab Carillon," and was written solely for the project by SDSU music instructor Joseph Waters, and plays the same whether walking in either direction.
So, when you pull into San Diego via the King Freeway with Bus Rental San Diego whilst you’re heading into or out of downtown by bus or limo, take a look at the 25th Street bridge and know that there's a clever little gem hidden on the structure. Or if you can, take the time to pull off the freeway and stroll across the bridge to the tune of the "Crab Carillon."

Friday, January 4, 2013

Take a different look with a bus company San Diego

Do you need to plan an outing for a group of people? Instead of feeling lost or overwhelmed, traveling with a bus company San Diego can make this task a simple one.  Charter buses are fast becoming one of the most economical choices you can make for group travel. Our service is the reason we are chosen more often than other bus rental companies.
There are a huge number of reasons to travel with a bus company; San Diego is an excellent place to visit. Things to do in San Diego are great in number. Our charter buses are fully equipped with high back reclining seats, restrooms, TV, DVD players and CD players to make sure all our groups are riding in comfort while enjoying the beautiful sites San Diego has to offer you. Traveling with a bus company San Diego makes planning a group outing easier and fun, making sure everyone is traveling together and their main concern is to sit back, relax and have a good time.
While in San Diego make sure you stop at the San Diego Zoo with over 4000 animals, this world-renowned zoo is the best in the US, and not to be missed. Another great place to visit is Sea World Adventure Park. This is San Diego's most popular destination where you can view seals, walruses, manatees, polar bears, penguins, and of course, Shamu, the killer whale. The park also features Wild Artic, an exhibit dedicated to aquatic life from the Polar Regions. While traveling make sure you don’t pass up Gaslamp Quarter. This 16-block section of downtown is a national historic district filled with specialty shops, art galleries and restaurants. Numerous theaters and nightclubs call the Gaslamp Quarter home, so there's plenty to do after the sun sets.
While in San Diego take a trip to a nearby location called Coronado. The city of Coronado is located on an island-like peninsula just south of San Diego – you can drive via the San Diego-Coronado Bridge, but it's more scenic to take the ferry from Broadway Pier. Once in Coronado, you'll find sparkling white beaches and a host of restaurants, quaint shops and hotels. With over 85 cultural and recreational facilities, Balboa Park is a must-see. The zoo is a big attraction, but there are also 15 museums, cultural centers, lawn bowling, a carousel, and a miniature railroad ride. Wander through multiple gardens or the botanical building (with over 2000 plant species), take in an outdoor organ concert, or enjoy a presentation at one of several theaters.
Booking a trip with a bus company Houston will let you enjoy everything you get to visit without worrying about the small details like how everyone is going to get there safely and comfortably. Call us today and let us worry about all the small details.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Little Italy Spaghetteria

When Joe and Lisa Busalacchi came to San Diego and started having big dreams of coming up with their own comfortable, casual and relaxing Italian eatery in San Diego, they knew the concept but struggled with the restaurant. After so many years of loyally serving the locals with some of the best Italian cuisine you can find in San Diego, they have most certainly won the hearts of people from the likes of tour bus visitors from out of town and also foreign visitors who are constantly coming in in their large, comfortable, luxury charter bus vehicles! Some of our charter bus rental visitors had their gatherings and events at Little Italy Spaghetteria, they had raving reviews to the tune of 'Best Italian food ever!', 'If you want authentic, this is it' and 'We have to come back here for more'.
Considering the fact that Little Italy Spaghetteria was planned out as a small family restaurant, those comments really does make a big difference!
As with all famous restaurants, the owners of this nice little eatery decided that kids should not be left out of the dinner as well and they have come up with a very interesting, kid-friendly menu...and it is a much bigger one when compared to even the larger restaurants in and around San Diego. Their lunch menu includes Bruschetta, Pane Al Formaggio, Caprino E Marinara, and you are going to get a kick out of the names for their pizzas. So, take your pick from Pavarotti, Dean Martin, John Gotti, Al Capone, Frank Sinatra, etc. As we have heard, their pastas packs quite a punch too - Lunguine Al Fruitti Di Mare is going to be interesting while some said that their Penne Al Salmone Affumicato is more than just palate pleasing!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Culturally Yours, San Diego

The eighth largest state in America and the second largest city in California, San Diego is a multifaceted state that counts as the United States Navy as it’s largest employer. Paint the town red with Bus company San Diego and you’ll get the chance to see some sights that you won’t be able to see any other way.
As the birthplace of California, our bus company San Diego charter bus rental customers have attested to the fact that the city has rich history so there’s lots to see and do from a cultural perspective. In Balboa Park, you can visit popular museums, such as the San Diego Museum of Art, the San Diego Natural History Museum, the San Diego Museum of Man, and the Museum of Photographic Arts. LaJolla is home to The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) whilst downtown Santa Fe houses one of its branches.
You can catch the “Star Of India” at the San Diego Maritime Museum which houses many other historical ship exhibits in downtown Columbia district whilst the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum featuring the USS Midway aircraft carrier.
Music lovers can catch San Diego Symphony’s regular recitals at Symphony Towers whilst one of the top 10 opera companies in the United States as ranked by Opera America, the San Diego Opera, directed by Ian Campbell performs over at Civic Center Plaza in a large group with our charter bus, party bus, coach bus, mini bus or ferry the kids for a school trip in a comfortable school bus.
If it’s theatre you prefer, take Bus company San Diego over to The Old Globe Theatre or the La Jolla Playhouse where you can catch assorted plays and musicals at The Old Globe Theatre at Balboa Park where world premier of plays and musicals have been staged. Bus Company San Diego customers have found them delightful.
You’ll be further spoilt for choice with the likes of the 600 seat Joan B. Kroc Theatre at Kroc Centre's Performing Arts Centre, the San Diego Repertory Theatre at the Lyceum Theatres in Horton Plaza in a charter bus from a bus company. San Diego brings you loads of options in terms of art centres and entertainment options.
Bus company San Diego takes pride in knowing where all the best cultural hotspots are so if you’re not sure where you should go the next time you’re visiting, just let us know and we’ll recommend something.