Monday, September 30, 2013

Catching an Oldie at Cinema Under The Stars

You don’t get many places like these anymore, especially not in a major tourist destination like San Diego. Back then, you could easily find an outdoor theatre anywhere around San Diego without stressing yourself out, but that is what makes Cinema Under the Stars really classic and unique. Some fans , instead of paying for each visit, pay a one-off membership fee so that they can come unlimited number of times...yes, that is how comfy and casual the place is. It is the kind of place where you can come hang out with your family and friends with San Diego charter bus over the weekend...outdoors and having fun, instead of crowding into one of your homes. It is where you come for your first date so that you can catch a classic, old movie with your date and it is also the kind of place you would love to bring your parents to, over and over again.
Some of would imagine the place to be a large grassy lawn-style of cinema or a drive-in or drive-through type of, we will tell you that they have none of that. They are located right smack in the middle of Mission Hills, comes with smooth cushy seats (they are limited so, be sure to book yours ahead of time) so that you can sit in a reclined way and watch the movie.
Being a ‘cinema’ of sorts, there are concession stands around the place and they sell the movie treats at a great, reasonable pricing. And besides, most of the people come here to catch a movie after they are done with Lefty’s, which is located right next door, so, there will hardly be a need to food and snacks.
Being a member of Cinema Under the Stars also mean that you get to take your pick from the single or double zero gravity recliner seats, unlike the experience of a non-member. Other types of seatings available are the usual loveseat cabana type of the deck chair....and maybe your preference would be to pick an ottoman at the cafe; whatever floats your boat and whichever is available at the time, we think. As a member of Cinema under The Stars would also mean that you are given priority over seat bookings too...which is great if you are a regular movie-goer.
However, for foreign visitors and charter bus San Diego visitors who are only here for a short period of time, we reckon you would not need the membership but do head over to their website and book the seats online. While they charge a small booking fee when you reserve them through the internet, it is highly recommend and simply more convenient.