Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sit back, relax and cheers!

All work and no play makes you a dull person, sometimes even a boring person. If playing is not exactly your cup of tea, then how about a trip to the nation’s number 1 craft beer destination and have beer tasting sessions with your friends?
With over 40 craft breweries in San Diego, the locals there literally take their beer seriously - well, in a laidback sort of way, that is. San Diego has been recently named as the “Top Beer Town” and with such a recognition like that, where else would you want to go for some good beer if not to this wonderful craft breweries destination? If that is not convincing enough, New York Times has quoted San Diego to be a “sunny heaven for suds lovers” while San Diego brews have also received international recognition, earning more medals at the 2010 World Beer Cup than those from England, Germany and Belgium combined - countries touted to be the traditional beer countries!
If you can get a local guide to take you around on a private San Diego charter bus tour to some of the best brewpubs throughout the county, it would be great. This is because the locals would know exactly where the good stuffs are and because they have the connections, you can be assured of getting excellent quality beers at great prices. They have many beer tours available that you can choose from and pick one that is most suitable to your pocket and time.
However, if you are feeling a little bit adventurous and prefer to go pub hopping on your own with your friends, this is not such a bad idea too. Going on your own means you do not have to rush, nor do you have to watch the clock because you and your friends will decide when to leave and where to go.
Pubs in San Diego are not the only place in town that you can get to try out the different beers - you can find beers literally in all of their local bars, clubs and restaurants - many thanks to innovators like Karl Strauss and Stone Brewing Co. who have helped make the way for San Diego’s ever increasing craft brew scene. It would be quite impossible to NOT find beer in San Diego!
Remember, while it is fun to be drinking with your group of friends, it is never safe to drive after drinking, so in order to be sure that everyone gets home safe and sound after a beer romp of such, it would be a wise idea to always charter or rent a bus to take everyone home.