Friday, November 15, 2013

Catching an Oldie at Cinema Under The Stars

Some of you might have seen many tourist destinations already. But one you shouldn't miss out on is a chance to experience a Cinema Under the Stars. Do ask your charter bus driver to take you there for a full-on experience on a nostalgic way of watching a movie. 
"Some of would imagine the place to be a large grassy lawn-style of cinema or a drive-in or drive-through type of, we will tell you that they have none of that. They are located right smack in the middle of Mission Hills, comes with smooth cushy seats (they are limited so, be sure to book yours ahead of time) so that you can sit in a reclined way and watch the movie.
Being a ‘cinema’ of sorts, there are concession stands around the place and they sell the movie treats at a great, reasonable pricing. And besides, most of the people come here to catch a movie after they are done with Lefty’s, which is located right next door, so, there will hardly be a need to food and snacks."
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