Friday, May 16, 2014

Sandcastle Making Lessons in San Diego

There’s nothing more gorgeous than visiting a San Diego beach when the weather is pleasant and sunny but instead of merely swimming and sunbathing, we think you can add a few more activities into your itinerary....learning how to build some really awesome sandcastles. We are not talking about the buckets and pails types of sandcastles, we are talking about taking a page off of professionalswho actually make a living building sandcastles....or rather, teaching others how to build creative castles out of sand.

San Diego San Castles

4306 Ocean Boulevard, San Diego, CA
(619) 200-0565
San Diego Sand Castles is run by JT Estrela who is a local San Diego beach lover and sand sculptor who, together with his partners, teach tourists and residents how to manipulate and design with sand on the beaches. When there are no lessons, they spend their time on the white sandy beaches of San Diego coming up with creative new sculptures made out of sand all the time. The company offersprivate lessons and can help people create their own custom sand sculptures, especially for special events like business meetings, functions, birthdays and weddings.
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